Arcane Arts

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Arcane Arts have two important aspects: “Experience” and “Knowledge”.

Both Experience and Knowledge can be obtained by leveling up your social levels and life skills.

  1. Experience is the criteria for opening new “Chapters” of your life skills.
  2. Knowledge is used to activate certain abilities in Arcane Arts.

Abilities in Arcane Arts

  1. Ability of social attributes: once been activated, you’ll gain certain social attributes.
  2. Ability of system features: once been activated, you’ll be able to use some features in the game, e.g.: storage, set stall, auction, etc.
  3. Ability of enhancement: once been activated, you’ll have extra buff on your life skills, like increasing the percentage to gain double skill expertise, and increasing the percentages of obtaining extra awards.
  4. Ability of recognition: once been activated, you’ll be able to gather sources (e.g.: grass, trees, mines) that you recognized.
  5. Ability of creating recipe: once been activated, you’ll be able to craft/ manufacture products based on the recipes.

How to activate abilities

  1. First you need to check “Nodes”, they are sub sections under each Chapter of your life skills.
  2. Then you need to activate one node, which will give you one ability by the time you activate it.
  3. After one node been activated, you’ll be able to learn all abilities included in the node. It’s your choice to learn all or part of the abilities that one node has.
  4. Some nodes are connected with each other. You have to activate one node before you can activate another.
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