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Upgrading your Battle League Rank

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Open the Attributes Panel (default hot key “C”), click “Battle League”, from there you can see detailed information of your Battle League rank.

On the upper side of the Battle League panel, it will show your current Battle League rank and your Valor/War Medal gained last week. It will also show you how many Valor you still need to level up your rank, what items you can exchange at your current rank, and what items you can exchange at the next rank.

On the lower side of the Battle League panel, it will show your total Army Coins and War Medals, and how many you gained this week. The panel will also show your Valor rank.

You can click “this week’s Valor/Army Coin events” to see what events you can participate to earn War Medals and Army Coins. By participating in other PVP activities (e.g.: PVP battlefield, arena, last-man-standing, Snowpine Peak Battle) you can get certain War Medals and Army Coins from the activities.

When you are qualified to level up your Battle League rank, you can find the Imperial Society and Battle League Promoter— Nora Thern in Sidus Ur and get the level-up quest (usually is to win a battle in Darkwood Vale Battleground). After you finish the quest, you’ll get a level-up token from the NPC.

Go to the Battle League panel and click “level up”. Then you can use corresponded token to level up your Battle League rank. You will gain more weekly War Medals/Army Coins at higher Battle League ranks.

Here is a table showing the current Battle League rank and the maximum weekly War Medals/Army Coins of each rank.

Battle League rank Weekly maximum War Medals Weekly maximum Army Medals
Level One Golden Eagle 4700 5400
Level Two Golden Eagle 5200 6200
Level Three Golden Eagle 6000 7300
Level One Auros Cavalier 7200 9000
Level Two Auros Cavalier 7700 9200
Level Three Auros Cavalier 8200 9600
Level One Crimson Palladion 9200 10900
Level Two Crimson Palladion 9900 11800
Level Three Crimson Palladion 10500 12200
Dragoon 11600
Dragoon Wraith (need to be top 200 at last week’s Valor rank) 12800
Arch Dragoon (need to be top 10 at last week’s Valor rank) 14000