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Since they've inherited the Divine Power and wisdom of the Green Empress, students of the Swordmage art carry an elegant temperament and a beautiful look that can topple a countless number of people.

However, Swordmage prodigies are not fond of this. They know that the power comes naturally from the heart and not from mere training or the people of noble blood.

With their adept swordsmanship and magic, Swordmages have incomparable magic damage skills and powerful control skills which make them an unstoppable force in the realm of magic dealers. They pose a huge threat to enemies whether they are alone or part of a team. They make for an indispensable fighting and control force on the battlefield.

Their powerful damage position and weak defensive abilities make Swordmages a prime target on the battlefield. They can die in an instant. The unique assets and abilities that Swordmages can obtain, make them more unique than traditional mages. They possess the power of anti-control and movement skills that give them much more flexibility in the heat of battle.

BASIC INFORMATION[edit | edit source]

A master of elements

They have the power to control Phoenixes and Dragons and they can use the power of the gods to manipulate ice, thunder and flame. When harnessing the power of ice, murderous swords strike fear in the hearts of even the most evil of demons. Swordmages may not be built as powerful as Vanguards, but the swiftness of their attacks can bring down a countless number of enemies. Also, when a Swordmage Disciple brings out his blade and rune, enemies are left with no place to hide. The power of the Phoenix transforms into rune magic that makes the enemy play into the hands of the Swordmage.

Mobility and Crowd Control

Swordmages are an indispensable part of a team. Their massive group control and damage skills can be used to create a control field that enemies won't be able to escape from and thus will disrupt their attack rhythms and allow the Swordmage to attack with ease. When they protect their teammates, they in turn create a safe healing environment. However, they can also be used as magic turrets that can use their magic skills to turn enemies into dust. No matter which type they are, Swordmage occupy a high status on the battlefield. Additionally, their mobility and control skills make Swordmages perform very well in one-on-one battles.


  • Combat Style: Ranged magic damage, specializing in area of effect spells.
  • Difficulty: Their kite tricks and skill timing make them a more difficult class to master.
  • Class Advantages: They have massive area damage abilities, powerful explosive abilities.
  • Class Disadvantages: Swordmages invest all of their energy in control and attacks, leaving them relatively weak and vulnerable to focused attacks.
  • Team Position: Swordmages cast magic attacks and control spells from the center of the team. This can instantly turn their enemies into dust with protection from the front line.
  • Total Rating:
    • Solo Duel ★★★★
    • Team Co-op ★★★★
    • Leveling Speed ★★★★★
    • Difficulty ★★★★

Skills[edit | edit source]

Name Effect
Lambent Bolt Causes a small amount of damage to enemy units. Element types will effect skill effects.
Angel Fire Causes a large amount of damage to enemy units and adds an Element.
Cold Shackles Makes target and surrounding enemies Paralyzed and causes damage while also increasing Element.
Elemental Rhythm Activates Elements. Every time you use it a different sequence of Fire, Ice and Storm will be used. Only one type of element can exist at one time.
Searing Wake Release 5 Elements and launches one attack on the area straight in front and causes damage to all enemies in that area. The three types of Searing Wake don't combine cooldown times.
Lightning Orb Release a Lightning Ball that moves towards the target and explodes once it hits and enemy. This explosion then causes damage to all surrounding enemies.
Lambent Step Jumps back and causes damage to all enemies in range.
Frigid Aura Freezes all nearby enemies and causes damage.
Celestial Aura Increases the Magic Damage and Max Mana for you and your nearby teammates and also recovers a certain amount of Mana.
Cunning Step Removes control effects and teleports you forward.
Star Sword Causes massive damage too all enemies in a specified area and inflicts a Damage Intensifier on all enemies in range of Star Sword. Star Sword can last a maximum of 10 seconds.
Temporary Starshield Removes your control states and makes you immune from all threats.

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