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Love or Hate

Revelation Online offers a unique system that allows you to find your soul mate.

The System will allow you to share with everyone your true love, share a house with your soul mate and fight with your partner, side by side. Finding your soul mate and marrying them will gain you an exclusive skills and unique title.

But remember, Every love can easily be turned into hate.

Relationship Points

Relationship points (also called love points) track how deep a relationship you achieve with another player. To gain relationship point you must be friends with the player you wish to accumulate points with.

Increasing Relationship Points with another player

Many activities will increase your Relationship Points (examples below, not a complete list):

  • Remaining grouped with a player
  • Completing Dungeons
  • Spa mentoring
  • Grinding Mobs

The fastest way to increase relationship is for two players to use the mentor/mentee system. This will result in a near doubling of Relationship Points gained.

The Spa mentor buff takes 15 minutes to channel and both players must be in the Spa and next to each other. No other actions can be performed while this ability is channeled. This buff also grants XP to the mentee. This XP bonus can be considerable depending on the level difference between players.


As friends play together their points will increase to an initial maximum of 6,000. Married couples may break through this limit as described on the Marriage page. Relationship points have additional uses when two players become Married. Full details on the benefits of marriage can be found on the Marriage page.

A portion of this page was sourced from the Veno [1] Codex [2] Marriage guide.