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You need Physique and Intellect to perform life skills. Every life skill (including fishing and exploring) needs certain amount of Physique or Intellect. Try to manage well your Physique and Intellect and let them be fully applied to your life skills!

Spending the Physique and Intellect

Cost of Physique and Intellect vary from different trades. Try to find a way to spend your Physique and Intellect equally is a good way to also manage well your life skills. For example, if you do Medicine and Blacksmith/Silversmith together, you can cost Physique : Intellect at 1:1.

Calculate the maximum Physique and Intellect

  1. While upgrading your social levels, your maximum Physique and Intellect also leveled up;
  2. When Forbearance and Erudition leveled up, each 1 point of Forbearance or Erudition gives you 1 point of Physique and 1 point of Intellect;
  3. When Astuteness and Poise leveled up, each 2 points of Astuteness or Poise gives you 1 point of Physique and 1 point of Intellect.

Recovering Physique and Intellect

  1. You’ll slowly recover your Physique and Intellect in every 6 minutes;
  2. You can activate your Skill Tree and short 30 seconds of the recovery time;
  3. Amount of the recovery=basic amount (0.6) + amount contributed by social attributes

Forbearance can increase the recovery of Physique: every 10 points of Forbearance increase 0.1 recovery of Physique

Erudition can increase the recovery of Intellect: every 10 points of Erudition increase 0.1 recovery of Intellect

You can recover your Physique and Intellect by other ways in the game:

  • Eat 3 kinds of noodles made by Chef (per day) or 3 Refreshment Pills made by Medic (per day).
  • There are frog statues in and around Amanita Hamlet. Find corresponding fog statues to recover some of your Physique or Intellect. Remember you have to wait 8 hours until those statues can recover your Physique and Intellect again.
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