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Armor Type
Leather (Tough)
Main Attribute
Spirit, Dexterity

The Occultist class treads the fine line between Light and Dark in the world of Nuanor. Wielding a powerful scythe and focus, they destroy their enemies from mid to long-range. Being on the threshold of good and evil, the Occultist balances their mind with the spells of both Light and Dark. In Dark stance they become a powerful damage dealer, casting area of effect spells. In Light stance they become powerful healers, aiding their allies with the power of their Light Warden. The Occultist learns to overcome their weaknesses and controls both Light and Dark powers.

Occultists must protect themselves from powerful attacks and need the freedom to cast spells and heals, thus they wear the most flexible of leather armors.


Icon Level Name Short Description
Hellfire Claw.png 1 Hellfire Claw Causes damage to the enemy or recovers HP for friends.

Increases Damage/Healing

Creeping Pain.png 1 Creeping Pain Affixes a Soul Marker on the target unit. This marker will explode after 3seconds and causes either damage to all enemies surrounding the target or healing to all teammates.

Increases damage, healing and state effects.

Demon's Rancor.png 1 Demon's Rancor Creates 5 Demon's Rancors and causes continuous, guided shot for 2seconds. Launches a maximum of 5. Demon's Rancor will disappear when manually interrupted or the target dies.

Increases damage and healing effects

Grasping Spirits.png 1 Grasping Spirits For 5 seconds, continuously recovers HP for friendly units or deals damage to enemy units in range.

Increases damage and healing

Occultist’s Will.png 9 Occultist's Will Releases a light orb that contains Flourish and deals damage or recovery.

Increases Damage/Healing

Occultist's Gift.png 15 Occultist's Gift Summons an Occultist's Gift to the target's location. Lasts 300 seconds.

Increases state effects

  • A maximum of one can exist at any time.
Adapt.png 20 Adapt Switches you from a Light Bringer to Dark Warden state or vice versa and switches Special Skill Points.

Increases state effects

Shattered Abyss.png 25 Shattered Abyss Detonates summoned Occultist's Gift

Increases Damage/Healing

Gate of Atrophy.png 35 Gate of Atrophy Summons a Gate of Atrophy 5 meters in front of you. The Gate of Atrophy lasts 5 seconds and affects all teammates or enemies who pass through it.

Increases state effects

  • In the Light Bringer state, it summons a Gods' Blessing gate. All friendly units who pass through the gate can earn a Gods' Blessing and all the Gods' Blessing effects.
  • In the Dark Warden state it summons a Soul Eater gate. Enemies that pass through the gate are debuffed with Soul Eater and suffer Soul Eatereffects.
Spirit's Return.png 40 Spirit's Return Removes control, earns protection and returns you to a location near the totem.

Reduces skill cooldown and increases state effects

  • Manually removing the Light Pearl can remove controlled states from friendly targets within a 5 meter range.
  • Manually removing the Dark Pearl can imprison enemies who are in a 5meter range.
Demon Shackle.png 45 Demon Shackle Use Spacetime Field to imprison the target and absorb damage. Light Bringer and Dark Warden states both have different cooldowns for Demon Shackles.

Increases state effects

  • Use on a fixed target to create a forbidden zone effect. When the forbidden zone disappears or is destroyed, it may cause an explosion and additional effects. While the forbidden zone is in effect, you can also use a skill to detonate it manually.
Void Cycle.png 50 Void Cycle Removes your control states and makes you switch places with a chosen target.

Reduces skill cooldown time and increases damage and healing effects.

Special Skills

Dark Warden

Icon Level Name Short Description
Demon's Touch.png 14 Demon's Touch Summons Dark Bloodclaws that clench enemies tightly, imprisoning and causing damage to the target and surrounding enemies.

Increases damage

Dance of Death.png 29 Dance of Death Continuously deals damage to all enemies in the specified area and lasts a maximum of 30 seconds.

Increases damage

Siphoning Spirits.png 37 Siphoning Spirits Causes continuous damage to an enemy for 3 seconds and converts a part of that damage into HP for you.

Increases damage

Archon of Darkness.png 49 Archon of Darkness Archon of Darkness, Dark Warden Morph, Control Immunity

Increases damage

Dour Wyrm.png 1 Dour Wyrm Cast a Seal Array and summon a nether dragon. Damages the enemy and prevents them from using Special Skills.

Increases skill damage

  • Enemies eclipsed by the Seal Array acquire a Special Skill effect.

Seizing Winds

Icon Level Name Short Description
Bonds of Light.png 18 Bonds of Light You can move around while channeling this skill. Connects you with all surrounding teammates and continuously recovers HP and Mana for all involved for 5 seconds. It also reduces incoming damage.

Increases damage and healing effects

Arcane Collusion.png 34 Arcane Collusion Strengthens Attack for you and your teammates. Effect lasts 15 seconds for you and 10 for your teammates.

Increases state effects

Cunning Transference.png 39 Cunning Transference Converts all received damage effects into healing effects for you or a teammate for 3 seconds.

Increases the effective time of Cunning Transference.

Archon of Light.png 49 Archon of Light Archon of Light, Archon of Light incarnate, Control Immunity

Increases healing and state effects.

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