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Armor Type
Main Attribute
Spirit, Dexterity

The Occultists peer deeply into the souls of their victims, and as interrogators their skills are unsurpassed. Through the cold eyes of a Occultist, the world is a grim place. Occultists oversee the balance between the human and spiritual realm. The Queen of Souls retain Occultists as envoys in the human realm.

Basic Information[edit | edit source]

Combat Style

The Occultists can damage enemies or heal their allies.


Occultists are a good all-round class. As such, they do a decent amount of DPS and healing but don’t excel classes that are dedicated to a DPS or healing role

Class Role

The Occultist is a DPS/Support class. They can support their allies by healing them and offers powerful buffs.


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    • Difficulty

Class Attributes[edit | edit source]

The main stats for Occultist are Dexterity and Spirit with Intelligence and Physique being good side pick ups.

This is the main stat for Occultist. Along with providing the occultist with a boost in critical strikes (and critical heals) they form swapping ability "Adapt" allows the Occultist to use a percentage of their Dexterity as bonus damage or healing.
Placing points into Spirit gives the Occultist more potent heals while also increasing the amount of magic defense they have.
Increases the magic damage attacks do
Increases the amount of physical defense an Occultist has which makes it an essential stat to place at least a few points into.

Attribute Priority[edit | edit source]

Because Occultist's form changing ability "Adapt" converts Dexterity into both damage and healing, Dexterity is an Occultist's main stat. Your attribute priority should look like Dexterit...

Skills[edit | edit source]

to be added at a later time!

Costumes[edit | edit source]