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The Mentorship System offers benefits for both apprentice and mentor. You can become an apprentice at level 19 or above, and a mentor at 49 or above. You can have up to three mentors and five apprentices at the same time. Mutual mentoring is not allowed.

This system offers benefits for both sides: as a mentor, you will be able to receive additional bonuses, mentorship points, and the special item "Peach Branch" as your apprentice progresses. Furthermore you will gain additional rewards when doing dungeons together, you can also find the NPC in Immortal Annex and use the "Peach Branch" to exchange cute pet "Crispy Noodles", unique titles, and unique social interaction skills.

A mentor can also use mentorship points to exchange mentor outfit and other valuable items in the game. The outfit will only last 7 days, so keeping an active relationship with your apprentice(s) and gaining daily mentorship points are good ways to maintain your mentor outfit.

As an apprentice, you can receive additional experience at the Hot Springs through meditating with your mentor. You can also receive an apprentice outfit by chance.

The Mentorship System offers you a few daily quests that raise your intimacy level and earn some experience, money and reputation along the way. Acquired reputation can be spent on PvE and PvP precious stones, healing elixirs, etc.

As with any relationship, you can decide to end the Tuition if you feel you no longer want to interact with each other for whichever reason you choose. Please note, however, that the penalty for ending it will be that you will be unable to establish a new partnership for a certain amount of time.

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