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Every trade can equip at most 3 life skill tools, the slot for equipping tools will be opened when your life skill reaches lv10, lv20, and lv30. You can only equip tools correspond to trades.

  1. When crafting or manufacturing products, the “Durability” of one of your tools will decrease 5 points.
  2. You can repair your tools by activating “life skill support” in the Life skill panel, under each trade.
  3. Repairing tools include “Common Repair Pack” or “Excellent Repair Pack”. Common Repair Pack is for tools under lv29, while Excellent Repair Pack is for tools above lv30.
  4. If you use the above two Packs to repair your tools, there will be 20% chance to lose 5% of the durability permanently. However, if you repair your tools using “Excellent Repair Suit”, there is no such problem.
  5. Tools have 2 groups of attributes. One group is the attributes when you equip your tools, another group is the attributes when you use your tools.


When crafting or manufacturing products, there is a possibility to get “unidentified items”. A player with high level life skills will get a higher possibility to get “unidentified items” with high qualities.

Quality of one item is up to 100, it shows the percentage to get an “excellent product”. For example, if you crafted/manufactured one unidentified item with 60 of quality, it means when you identify it, you’ll have 60% chance to get one excellent product, and 40% chance to get one normal product.

Quality is a range (e.g. 0-20), not a solid number. If you have a wider range of quality (e.g.: 0-60), you have a higher chance to get unidentified item with high quality, thus you have a higher chance to identify an excellent product.

You can also use “excellent” materials or tools when crafting or manufacturing products, they’ll give you a higher chance get “unidentified items” with high qualities.

Title Manager and Life Skill Master

Title Manager

  1. When one life skill hits lv9, lv19, lv29, and lv39, you need to find a Title Manager of this life skill and pass a test. After the test, your life skill will move to lv10, lv20, lv30, and lv40, and you can continue to level up your life skills.
  2. A test quest will show up under the “Learning Quest” panel if you’re qualified to take a test. The system will also notify you should take a test when you’re using the life skill that should be leveled up. You can path-find a Title Manager.

Life Skill Master

  1. In most cases, once you learn one recipe, you’ll be able to craft/manufacture the item. However, for some top and precious recipes, even though you learned them, you still can’t be able to craft/manufacture. Instead, you need the help of a Life Skill Master.
  2. Every Life Skill Master belongs to one Favor. You’re qualified to meet a Life Skill Master only when you reached “Exalted” of that Favor.
  3. After meeting certain requirements, the Master will give you a Master Tome, then you can craft/manufacture items without limitations.
  4. You can path-find a Life Skill Master in the corresponded “Favor” panel.
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