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Revelation Online’s guild system is very distinct, offering various activities for you and your guild members.

You will be able to create your guild once you reach level 25 along with having 150,000 Imperial Notes. Once you have created your guild, you will be able to design your guild emblem, flag and costume/battlewear for your guild.

Warning: You will have to find 10 members within 72 hours, otherwise your guild will be disbanded.

Once your guild is ready, you will be able to contribute to your guild and you can do that by donating gold or items or Guild Quests once you reach level 30.

One of the unique things you get with your guild is Guild Base, an island only for you and your guild members where you can do events such as hide and seek or fighting guild bosses

The guild is a great way to give you and your members some joy, friendship and most important of all: valuable rewards!

When you start out your guild you will get a guild instance. When you first get your guild instance you will only have 2 buildings - the Main Hall and the Tavern.

With a guild, you get access, to guild quest, guild warehouse, a guild outfit and banner along with many other features.

Guild Invites[edit | edit source]

You can manually invite players to your guild, or they can apply to your guild through guild specific NPC called Kyn the Obscure in Sulan and Fort Whetstone. As a guild leader, you can change the accepting settings from the "Members" tab pressing the "Parsing Requests" button. After that, you see all players who are applying for the guild. If you want to kick somebody out, just select the player by clicking it and press "Expection".

Levels[edit | edit source]

A guild can level up and with leveling up you get access to more things within a guild such as capacity size and crafting room.

(Please note, this table is outdated and the maximum members has since been increased)

Guild Level Maximum Members Maximum Craft at the Same Time
1 60 1
2 70 1
3 80 1
4 90 2
5 100 2
6 110 2
7 120 3
8 130 3
9 140 3
10 160 3

Buildings[edit | edit source]

In RO a guild will get an instance which is huge. It can have a large range of different buildings. As mentioned previously you start off with 2 and you can work up to get more. The higher the level your guild is the more buildings you have. You upgrade the buildings in a Civilization (the game) type manner and some buildings require other buildings to be a certain level. You cannot choose where each building goes as they can only go on certain pieces of land.

The Main Hall[edit | edit source]

Guild Instance.png

At the hall there are lots of various NPCs such as:

  • Personal Bank Storage NPC (Warehouse)
  • Auction House NPC
  • Mail NPC
  • etc.

The Tavern[edit | edit source]

This is where you can check out workers stats and can go about hiring them.

NPC Housing[edit | edit source]

The larger you make the area, the more workers you can hire to send off doing quests or guarding different areas. Each of the workers can be leveled up and what type they are (what they’re good at) etc. They can get special skills which will increase materials; proficiency etc. You can also see how many places they’ll take in your housing system.

Managing workers can be difficult as they have stamina bars and can get tired. It is better to put the tired workers to bed and replace them with other workers who have been sleeping in their place. Tired workers will appear red. You can also send them to go to different places if you have the correct permissions in the clan. The person/guild members who have permissions can also choose when the NPCs level up once they have filled their experience bars. You can choose to keep them at their level if you do not want to level them up.

Different NPCs will be good at different things to manage them accordingly and try and make the best out of them.

Tower of Loyalty[edit | edit source]

Depending on the guild level, the buffs will change. You have a wheel where you can spin for a buff which will last 24 hours for that day. You get a free spin daily however, you can also use guild contribution points to spin the wheel if you do not like the buffs or want to try for other buffs. The buffs will change on guild level as mentioned previously and the level of the buffs will also go higher as the guild levels up. If you have a worker NPC that is working at the wheel gate if they contain a skill which gives you advantages on the wheel it is better to place them there. (You can only spin the wheel 10x per day, first spin is free) You can get up to 3 buffs in this building which last for 16 hours each. Each buff is randomly selected from a spin wheel (the spin wheel is the same each time). If the buff you spin isn't the one you want you can change them out. The buffs you get from here can also be upgraded which can be done by another NPC which is nearby.

Mines[edit | edit source]

You along with the NPCs you hire can go down into the mines and gather materials.

Guild Quests (Daily)[edit | edit source]

There are a few types of different guild quests you get with your guild; which you can only pick up in a certain order. Quests will give guild contribution along with exp for your own gain. There are ones you obtain from the NPC outside of the tavern and there are extra guild quests to obtain extra materials for your guild on the bulletin board on your guild island.

Guild Interface[edit | edit source]

Guild Information[edit | edit source]

In this tab it will show you the following:

  • Level of Guild
  • How many Members
  • The stage the guild is at (in terms of leveling up your buildings, etc.)

Members[edit | edit source]

This tab shows members and the following about the members:

  • Whether they are online or offline
  • Contribution Points for each member

Stuff you can do with guild[edit | edit source]

This tab will show you the different types of things you can do with the guild and if you have completed them that day or not The following is what it shows:

  • Quests
  • Different things you can get daily (such as guild buff)
  • Mini quests which require more than one person
  • Other mini quests

Map of Guild + Construction Information[edit | edit source]

This is where you can see the levels of each building and what they can do. You need to level up your Town Hall first as that requires an overall level which helps the others also level up. (That is a priority building, you cannot upgrade the other buildings without upgrading the town hall).

You can see the progress of upgrades in the town and how it is progressing (length of time it’ll take, etc. You will also need workers to construct.

You get information on:

  • How many workers you have hired
  • How much guild upkeep costs

Management[edit | edit source]

Technologies[edit | edit source]

In this tab as you upgrade the guild you can unlock research which allows you to do different things such as having guild storage accessible from anywhere.

[edit | edit source]

You can customize your own guild emblem and also choose a preset guild outfit for Battlewear-mode. (You can choose not to wear it but it’ll appear as if you’re wearing it to other players from opposing guilds, etc.)

Statistics[edit | edit source]

This is a record of guilds member statistics broken down to Today, Week, Month and All (total).

You can check the next statistics from the page:

  • Buildings (How many time player has done building upgrading quest from task board)
  • Purchases (How many time you have done the "Specialty Trading" per day)
  • Daily (How many times player has completed Guild Daily Quests)
  • Assistance (?)
  • Jobs (?)
  • Clan War (How many times player has participated in Territory War)
  • Tournament (How many times player has participated in White/Green Tiger Guild tournament)
  • Imperial Coins (How many Imperial Coins & Commerce Center Cash player has donated to the Guild)
  • Contribution (How many fealty players has gotten from doing guild quests & donating)
PK Settings[edit | edit source]

In this page you can set other guild/alliances as enemies. When killing those enemies under the Antagonist mode, you wont get as much Slayer value in comparison when killing with Slayer mode on.

Guild Crafting[edit | edit source]

With guild crafting; you can make a various amount of different items such as: Potions, Storage Bags, Strengthening Materials, Common Items and Guild Storage items.

Guild Skills[edit | edit source]

You can get specific skills from your guild. (I will update this at a later date)

Guild Ranks[edit | edit source]

The guild leader can give each member permissions within the guild and choose which members can do what role such as: being able to invite players to the guild, manage the NPCs, manage the guild bank etc.