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Demonslayer is a newly designed system in Revelation Online. Players higher than level 30 are qualified to join the Demonslayer Society.

Every week, players can get Demonslayer rewards - Gythil (tradable money in the game), materials for guild donation/gear enhancement, and Demonslayer Points. Rewards vary from how many Demonslayer Points you get, and which level of Demonslayer you are. Demonslayer Points can be used to exchange Demonslayer equipment, materials for gear crafting/enhancement, special skill book, treatise on skill cultivation, and more.

Players can obtain Demonslayer Points by participating in PVE activities (e.g.: running dungeons) in Revelation Online. By completing weekly and daily Demonslayer quests, players will get extra amount of Demonslayer Points, EXP, etc.

When players meet certain requirements, they will receive the level-up notice from the Demonslayer Society. After players pass through the level-up task (can be answering questions or completing certain achievements), they will move to the next level as Demonslayer.

There are 9 levels as Demonslayer in Revelation Online. The higher level you are, the more rewards you will get than lower level Demonslayers. And of course, higher level-up task require more than lower-level task. Players need to finish certain dungeon under certain requirements in order to be qualified to pass the task.

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