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There are 5 crafting Professions in Revelation Online, with related Scrolls in unlockable in the Curiosity tab. Upon reaching Level 15, players can access the menu by pressing the default hotkey 'V', or by going to the Yin-Yang
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symbol on the bottom-right bar, and pressing 'Craft'.
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Accessing the craft menu

Menu Tabs[edit | edit source]

First Tab[edit | edit source]

The first tab of the crafting menu, as of CBT1

The first orange tab in the crafting menu features a green bar indicating the character's Curiosity, as well as a number below the bar indicating the character's current knowledge. Below that, there are icons of all of the different life skills. Each icon has a red jewel on the top right to indicate the character's current skill level, as well as a gray banner across the bottom of the icon. The banner is an experience bar that will fill blue-to-white depending on how far into the level the character is.

Second Tab[edit | edit source]

Crafting menu.png

The second blue tab is the Curiosity tab, or the Crafting Tree tab. This tab scrolls to the right, and the unlockables in the tree are divided up into several 'chapters'. There are 9 chapters, including the first that's unlocked by default. A locked chapter will be grayed out, and chapters must be unlocked in order.

Locked craft tree chapter.png

The green Curiosity bar at the top will indicate how close a character is to unlocking the next chapter. Additionally, in the gray section of the next-occurring locked chapter, there will be red text at the bottom indicating how many more curiosity points are needed to unlock the chapter.

The number below the green bar indicates how many points of Knowledge a character has. Players can use knowledge points to unlock Scrolls in the crafting tree. An unlocked scroll will be in full color, while a locked scroll will be grayed out. If knowledge can be spent to unlock the Scroll, it will be highlighted blue. Some skills may be unavailable for unlocking if the character has not already unlocked the previous scroll, connected by a brown line running in between the two icons.

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An unlocked Scroll.
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A locked Scroll that is available to unlock.
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A locked Scroll that is unavailable for unlocking.

Most Scrolls unlock recipes for the related profession, but there are also crafting skill attribute increases. The crafting tree is also how a character unlocks their bank, specific inventory tabs (Apparel tab), and special social skills (same gender kissing). Every Scroll has 2-5 icons that indicate what precisely the node will unlock. Scrolls will cost a varying amount of Knowledge to unlock, and sometimes a Scroll & it's recipe will have separate costs. If a recipe is included in the initial cost of unlocking the node, the recipe icon will flash and have a yellow star next to it. If a character has unlocked a node but not the recipe, the yet-unlocked recipe will flash gray-to-white and have a small yellow star next to it.

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A locked Scroll. Unlocking will give the first recipe (flashing with a yellow star), but the second one will cost additional Knowledge.
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This Gastronomy Scroll is unlocked, but the recipe associated with it has yet to be acquired, indicated by flashing & the yellow star next to the recipe icon.

Hovering over icons on the Scroll nodes will show the user what the recipe item is, what crafting skill attributes are required, how much Knowledge it will cost to unlock (red text), and what ingredients will make up the recipe.

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The recipe on the Gastronomy Scroll that has yet to be unlocked.

Third Tab[edit | edit source]

Third tab.png

The third, green tab of the Crafting menu is reserved for Gathering (as of CBT1). There are two bars at the top, indicating the character's current Physique (green bar) & Intellect (blue bar).

There are three tabs, for the three gathering methods. In the crafting tree these are called: Mineralogy, Arborist, and Botany. Even if a character levels Gathering, most nodes will require the character to unlock the node in the crafting tree first. On the Mineralogy/Arborist/Botany scrolls in the crafting tree, nodes are indicated by the magnifying glass icon.
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Each ore, tree, and plant can be hovered over in the third tab. However as of CBT1 these nodes have yet to be translated, so it is unclear what the descriptions will include. For now, each node has it's gathering cost listed. Characters use Physique and Intellect to gather.

Fourth Tab[edit | edit source]


The fourth tab is what characters use to actually craft items using their professions. Each profession icon on the left is clickable as its own tab, and every profession has 2-3 tabs going across the top; for instance, the Alchemy tab (pictured above) has clickable 'Medicine' and 'Alchemy' tabs. The top of every tab page will feature the character's Physique and Intellect bars.

Alchemy[edit | edit source]

Crafting Tree Scrolls:

  • Elemental Research
  • Medicine Compendium

Alchemy is the first icon on the first tab of the crafting menu, denoted by a flask of orange liquid. In the alchemy section there are two tabs, 'Medicine' and 'Alchemy'. The Medicine can be used to make Soothing Pastille to recover HP, as well as craft concoctions that offer buffs to things like physical/magic defense, critical chance, and hit chance. The Alchemy tab crafts mats and essences that buff character attributes.

Most alchemy skills require the crafting skill attributes: Erudition and Poise. In the Curiosity tab (second tab) of the crafting menu, the unlockable Scrolls relating to alchemy are Medicine Compendium, The Way of Alchemy, and Elemental Research.

Woodworking[edit | edit source]

Crafting Tree Scrolls:

  • Architecture

Blacksmith[edit | edit source]

Crafting Tree Scrolls:

  • Forging
  • Artificing (Silversmith)

Outfitter (Tailoring)[edit | edit source]

Crafting Tree Scrolls:

  • Fabric Technique

Chef[edit | edit source]

Crafting Tree Scrolls:

  • Art of Tea
  • Gastronomy
  • Brewing

Gathering[edit | edit source]

Crafting Tree Scrolls:

  • Botany
  • Mineralogy
  • Arborist

Fishing[edit | edit source]

Treasure Hunting[edit | edit source]