Battle League System

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The Battle League system is the PVP ranking system in Revelation Online. All PVP rewards are distributed to players based on their Battle League ranks. Players can do various PVP activities in the game to level up their Battle League rank.

In the Battle League system, there are two important things:

1. Valor (War Medal)

Valor is used to level up your Battle League rank, and you won’t lose your Valor. Every week the system will calculate your Valor of last week and convert it to your PVP rank, and you will get certain PVP rewards (e.g.: weekly stipend) based on your Valor. The top 200 players who have the most Valor/War Medals in each server will have Valor Rank attributes to boost their power.

2. Army Coins

Players can get Army Coins by participating in weekly Army Coin events and other PVP activities in the game. Players can use Army Coins to exchange PVP gear, PVP Mark Stones, costumes, materials for crafting gear, skill books, and more! The items you can exchange are based on your Battle League rank, the higher rank you are, the more maximum Army Coins you can get than lower rank players, and the more items you can exchange from the Army Coin NPC.

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