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There are five basic attributes that exist in Revelation: Strength, Intelligence, Vigor, Spirit, Dexterity.

Those attributes have general bonuses, that will be applicable for all classes:

Strength: Increases physical damage.
Intelligence: Increases magical damage.
Vigor: Increases maximum health and physical defence, includes attribute of "Brawn"
Spirit: Increases maximum mana, health and mana regeneration, magical defence, includes attribute of "Arcana"
Dexterity: Increases critical chance.

Attribute of Brawn can increase the percentage of transferring Physical Armor to Physical Defense, while Attribute of Arcana can increase the percentage of transferring Magic Armor to Magic Defense.

In addition to general bonuses, attributes also have class-specific bonuses:

Strength: Attribute of “Force”, every point of Force converts an additional 1% of your Physical Attack to Physical Damage. (Blademaster, Vanguard).
Intelligence: Attribute of “Zeal”, every point of Zeal converts an additional 1% of your Magic Attack to Magic Damage (Swordmage, Spiritshaper), additional healing (Spiritshaper).
Physique: -
Spirit: Additional healing (Spiritshaper, Occultist).
Dexterity: Physical damage and additional % physical damage increase (Gunslinger); magical damage, additional % magical damage increase and additional healing (Occultist).

You can increase attributes by spending potential points in them and also with your equipment. At first, you can convert potential points into attributes at a 1:1 rate, but every 10 points the cost of leveling will increase by 1.
For example, if you currently have 31 Spirit, including 10 points from the equipment and 21 from investing potential points, the next increase will cost 3:1. Therefore it is not recommended to invest all the potential points into one attribute.

Potential points are automatically acquired upon leveling and achieving milestones.
There are additional items and events that will grant you points upon use.

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